May 17, 2022

I've mentioned in previous blogs and articles many times about the importance of using 'rich media' (videos and photos) in your social media posts, because Facebook, Twitter and wherever else your business has an online presence have changed the way they promote posts, and decided rich media is what people want to see!

So, here are a few simply ideas for how to incorporate visuals to engage your follows/customers on social media:

  • Combine visuals with #hashtag campaigns. These campaigns massively increase your chances of your post being seen inpeople's news-feeds. So, have a look at what is trending on Twitter, and next time you upload a photo, make sure you #hashtag the most appropriate campaign!
  • Show off your 'business culture': Let your followers and customers in on what happens behind the scenes. They will love going 'behind the curtain' and seeing the chef's at work or barrels being tapped in your cellar. It's fun and it's engaging, so let them take a peek!

Ask your customers: 'What do you want?' or 'What do you think?' and use      pictures to give them a choice between two specials, or perhaps two different potential guest ale's for the week. Get them talking, and allow them to feel that their opinion is heard, and more importantly, valued!