May 17, 2022

My name is Phil Davison, and along with my wife, Lauren, I have built and developed five successful pub and restaurant businesses over the last 29 years in the hospitality trade, in each case transforming struggling businesses into thriving successes. Along the way, I’ve been fortunate enough to win a number of fantastic industry accolades, including the British Institute of Innkeepers’ Licensee of the Year award in 2009.

For the last 6 years, I have also worked as an industry consultant, specialising in marketing, or ‘Getting and Keeping Customers’. In 2012, I set up The Pub Marketing Circle, and developed a ‘done for you’ customer loyalty reward programme, giving pubs and small business owners access to dynamic marketing tools.

So, why am I so obsessed with talking to licensees about customer loyalty? 

It’s simple: What we do, works! Our system has a proven track record in country and rural pubs, and now, we want to share that success with other licensees…

How well do you know your customers? Ok, so you probably recognise your regulars, and maybe even know their favourite drink. But do you know how often they visit, or how much they spend on each visit? Do you have their email address?

One of the key tips for any successful business is that you simply must capture the data of your customers when they visit you. This is absolutely essential, because any business that does not have a full customer database is missing out on lots of money, and return custom.

Our ‘done for you’ customer loyalty reward programme runs more or less on auto pilot, with almost no time or effort required from you at all. We manage your customer database, as well as communicating regularly with your customers about special offers, updates and news, to keep them engaged with what’s happening at their favourite Pub! The simple fact is, if you can make your customers feel appreciated, special and rewarded, they will be loyal to you, and return more frequently to put money in your till. 

Our system is set up to automatically send reward vouchers to your customers when they hit a certain spend target, as well as celebratory rewards on their birthday and anniversary. They are even encouraged to return if they haven’t visited you for 100 days!

We provide you with joining cards, which you encourage your customers to complete when they visit, in exchange for a welcome reward voucher. You simply issue them a glossy, bespoke membership card, and then pop all your joining cards in a freepost envelope to us; and that’s all, everything else is done for you!

What we do isn’t rocket science, and you’ll hear no fancy marketing lingo from us. We simply give you the facility to thank, reward and communicate on a personal basis with the customers who make your business tick, driving more football and putting more money in your till.

So, isn’t it time you invest in the future success of your Pub? Because trust me, despite unfortunately being the way hundreds of businesses operate, ‘fingers crossed and hope’ is not a winning marketing strategy!